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Health, Beauty & Wellness

Boulder Community Health

Darryl Brown

phone #:

(303) 415-7005

101 Erie Pkwy, Erie, CO 80516, USA

Golden Ember Salon

Shannon Kennedy

phone #:


New salon coming to Erie, CO. Stayed tuned. Opening Spring 2021

Healthy Altitudes

Gary Gianetti

phone #:


1379 Padfield Pl. Erie

We deliver health and wellness services and fun pop up events throughout the front range.

Me Biosciences

Barry Luginbill

phone #:


3550 Frontier Ave, Unit D Boulder, CO 80301

Me Biosciences is all about you. Me Biosciences is a line of nutrition and body care products designed using the highest quality products with no toxins or harmful chemicals, with you at the center. We’ve engineered a solution to meet your needs at any given time and place; indoor, outdoor, workout, recovery, rest, or sleep.

The Me Biosciences solution combines the iterative power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to match you, your body, your digestion, and your activities with the correct set of nutritional supplementation and body care products to maximize performance, optimization, and longevity.

Toney Family Chiropractic and Wellness

Amanda Toney

phone #:


515 Briggs Street, Suite D, Erie, CO 80516

At Toney Family Chiropractic and Wellness our goal is to help our community live happier, healthier, and fuller lives.

Dr. Jeric Toney specializes in Functional Medicine utilizing state of the art diagnostic testing, while Dr. Amanda focuses primarily with sports and injury prevention, incorporating various soft tissue techniques into her treatments. Together they combine their niches and clinical strengths to treat a variety of complex issues, both musculoskeletal and internal, offering patients the best of both worlds and medicines.

You're more than just a number at Toney Family Chiropractic. You're a mom, a dad, a friend, a member of our community, and we want our community to live active, healthy lives. Our mission is to make your life better and get you back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible.

Woodward Barbers

Tony Gambee

phone #:


615 Briggs, Ste A, Erie, CO 80516

Classic barbershop style with a twist.

Wurth Chiropractic, LLC

Dr. Brynn Lay

phone #:


615 Briggs St. Suite B
Erie, CO 80516

500 Briggs Street, Suite 200 |  PO Box 1101 | Erie, CO 80516

720-381-2786 |  info@erieedc.com

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